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Oceanic boundlessness (OB)
Pink Cocaine and Heroin Mix with Fentanyl Enter Europe This scale assesses changes in the experience of the self and body, the relation to the environment, alterations in time experience, and mood changes direct towards elevation and sublimity. The state implies a positively experience ego dissolution with euphoria. The separation between the self and the external world becomes tenuous and sometimes nonexistent. Core items for OB includ: “It seem to me that my environment and I were one” and “I felt very happy and content for no outward reason”. Buy 1P-Lsd online

Anxious ego dissolution (AED)
This scale describes an unpleasant experience with diminish self-control characterize by ego-disintegration or ego-fragmentation accompanied by great distress and anxiety. Thought processes are alters, sometimes occupied with threatening themes (e.g. loss of control) or interfere by disruptions of thinking. Time may be experience as painfully slow. Core items for AED include: “It seem as though there was an invisible wall between me and my surroundings” and “I was afraid to lose control over myself”.

Visionary restructuralization (VR)

Typical aspects of altere states of consciousness are visionary-hallucinatory phenomena. They can be divide in three different categories: elementary, amorphous “primitive” optical phenomena, organize scenic hallucinatory phenomena, and change meaning of objects perceive in the environment. Hypnagogic imagery and synesthesia belong to this category. Core items for VR include: “I saw light or flashes of light in total darkness or with close eyes” and “Things around me had a new, strange meaning to me”.Buy 1P-Lsd online

Vigilance reduction (VIR)
Items of this scale characterize reduce alertness and cloud consciousness, typically accompanies by reduce cognitive performance and self-control. Core items for VIR include: “I was in a doze” and “My perception is cloud”.

Auditory alterations (AA)
This dimension measures acoustic hallucinatory phenomena, e.g. hearing clicks or amorphous low noise, music or voices (possibly commenting on the subjects thinking or behavior). Core items for AA include: “I heard diffuse noises without being able to identify the source” and “I heard my own thoughts as if I was speaking”.

2.7 Controlled self-administration study

Two healthy, Caucasian males (age: 46 and 56 years, weight: both 74 kg) participate in the controlee self-administration study consisting of two experimental sessions. The environment of the sessions was non-clinical in a “living-room atmosphere”. Experiments were starte 2 hours after a light breakfast. Both subjects had prior experience with LSD-like compounds in the past (no consumption in the 3 months before the study). Sleep during pre-experimental nights

was more than 6 hours. In session 1, a single oral dose of 100 μg of 1P-LSD hemitartrate (2:1), equivalent to 71.2 μg LSD base assuming complete hydrolysis, was administere (gelatin capsules containing pieces of wafer soaked with 100 μL of an ethanolic 1 mg/mL 1P-LSD hemitartrate solution). Session 2 took place after a washout phase of 11 months and includ the i.v. administration of the same total amount of 1P-LSD. Here, 10 mL of normal saline were mix with 100 μL of an ethanolic 1 mg/mL 1P-LSD hemitartrate solution and administere intravenously. A venous access was place in both the right and the left arm of each subject (one for the administration of the 1P-LSD solution and the other for taking blood samples).Buy 1P-Lsd online Pink Cocaine and Heroin Mix with Fentanyl Enter Europe

PK data of 1P-LSD

To gather PK data of 1P-LSD, blood samples were taken regularly from subject A and B for up to 150 h and 26 h (session 1), respectively, and for up to 24 h in session 2. The blood samples were immediately centrifuge for 15 min at 2879 × g and the serum was transferee into sodium fluoride containing glass tubes (approx. 10 mg sodium fluoride per mL serum) to prevent hydrolysis of 1P-LSD.17 Urine samples were collect from subject A for 14 (session 1) and 10 days (session 2). Urine samples from subject B were solely taken on the day of administration. Urine concentrations were normalize to creatinine and are given in ng/mg (1 ng/mg is equivalent to 1 ng/mL in a urine sample with 100 mg/dL creatinine). Serum and urine samples were store overnight at 5°C and subsequently stores t −20°C until analysis.

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