3CMC crystals falls under the Research Chemicals group. Therefore, 3CMC Crystals may only be used for research purposes. 3CMC Crystals are not suitable for human consumption, but may be sold. FMT Medical Store sells the highest quality Research Chemicals. You will receive this within one day. You can also pay easily and securely with iDeal. 3-CMC CRYSTAL BUY ONLINE

What are 3CMC crystals?
As mentioner before, 3CMC crystals used for various studies and is recognized as a designer drug/research chemical. This means that selling and buying 3cmc is still legal. But that could be different this year.
3-cmc is a variant of 3-mmc. While 3-mmc is illegal to provide, 3-cmc is not. Therefore, 3-cmc is use as an alternative to 3-mmc for studies.

How do you store 3CMC crystals?
It is best to store 3CMC Crystals in a cool and dry place. In this way, 3CMC’s connections will remain stable for up to 2 years.

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