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3-Hydroxyeticyclidine, often known as 3-HO-PCE, is a new dissociative drug that has gained interest as a study molecule in recent years.

This arylcyclohexylamine molecule causes significant dissociative hallucinogenic and euphoric effects making it a desirable chemical for those trying to alter their mental state.

However, despite the drug’s increasing popularity, there is a shortage of information on it, making it difficult for users to comprehend its possible hazards and side effects. This page aims to offer a complete overview of 3-HO-PCE, including its effects, hazards, and current knowledge.

3-ho-pcp Buy USA | 3ho For Sale
3-HO-PCE is a unique synthesize dissociable molecule that belongs to the chemical class arylcyclohexylamine.

It shares a structural similarity with its near analogue 3-HO-PCP, which has been demonstrate to have an affinity for the -opioid receptor in animal models. In contrast to 3-HO-PCP, 3-HO-PCE had no antecedent in the scientific literature before its introduction to the market for research chemicals in the 2010s.

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