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bk-2C-B is the beta-ketone analog of the popular and entactogenic research chemical 2C-B also known as 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromophenethylamine. It was widely use as a therapy drug in the 1970s and was first synthesize by Alexander Shulgin. It is a substitute to and is short-acting and virtually has no side effects.

Its effects include stimulation, mild hallucinations including touch and sound alteration and changes in the users perception of time and space. The BK analog makes it slightly weaker on a weight-by-weight basis compare to the original 2C-B but its pharmacological activity is identical. The effects of bk-2C-B are easily manageable compare to most other psychedelics. Experience users are capable of switching from sober to engage and vice-versa at will. This product is sold as a fine powder, so you should be careful with dosage when you buy bk-2C-B in a powder form, as its a powerful compound and dosage should be kept under 20mg for a good experience.

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