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Dimethocaine is derivate from cocaine, it is not a part of the organic alkaloid mix coming from a coca plant. Dimethocaine is very popular research chemical, mainly use as local anesthetic, but also the stimulant qualities appeare to be shown immediately. First of all it actually was explaine that dimethocaine only has 10% of the potency because of cocaine, however customer reviews have proven it’s not correct, effects are stronger than expect. The effects act like the ones from cocaine, emotional state lift, euphoria and even stimulation, the results do not appear in a hurry like cocaine, on the other hand last longer.

Chemical structure of dimethocaine

Dimethocaine optional dosages

Dimethocaine need for leisure use is normally use for instance like cocaine, insufflate, it really is also easy to take it intravenous. It’s not necessarily recommend to take the unusually high dosage amounts of dimethocaine to obtain a cocaine like rush, that the amount can be excessive it can be consider a main problem for your cardiovascular system. Insufflate a normal the amount of dimethocaine ranges from 100 close to 2 hundre mg, but newbees should start off with lesser levels, suggest are Fifty milligrams.

In case that use intravenous, than the medication dosage could be far lower, however buyers even so use up to A hundre milligrams to reach greater effects.

Experiences and also side-effects

If perhaps dimethocaine was already insufflate, the effects need to have 15-20 min to arrive up. Generally a person begins to really feel a bit extra stimulate plus euphoric, any time sitting a tingling may be felt within the person. The biggest effects last for Three hours, further 2 hours to return to routine. The overall ultimate results are very just like the ones from cocaine, but then they show up bit by bit and are still regular in potency. Habitual cocaine users take a searching for the next usage, after that top as a result of cocaine has move out. Because of dimethocaine these hungers are typically normal not actually present, only if that drug was consume intravenous for a extend period and in larger levels.

A daily consumption by having a regular quantity of 100 mg, gets underway with a tiny numbness inside the nose. Dimethocaine is local anaesthetic and for that reason that doesn´t burn, nor it feels not comfortable, right after 3-4 minutes or so the nose area may be a little bit dripping and simply a compound, cocaine like flavor might be experience in your mouth. After 15-20 min’s final effects begin with a little energetic together with euphoric emotion, people can feel stimulate, occasionally talkativeness is typically an effect at the start.

CAS Number 553-63-9

Top is normally normal reache Twenty to thirty minutes following insufflating dimethocaine, the experiences from the start improve, buyers frequently like activities. Thinkings typically look a lot faster and much easier, a beautiful body feeling and sometimes along with a increase desire for new music and dancing. In contrast to cocaine, dimethocaine offers a steady effect, simply no ups and downs, this will make the experience more comfortable, cause there aren’t any cravings or not comfortable unpredicte changes in results.

Your peak starts to fade Three hours after insufflating, although this too doesn´t take place in a rush, the effects begin to vanish gradually, exactly like the experience start out. Following Four to six hours even all of the following effects have left, often the consumer feels a little tire after the experience.

Technical Information

Formal Name 3-(diethylamino)-2,2-dimethyl-1-(4-aminobenzoate)-1-propanol, monohydrochloride

CAS Number 553-63-9

Molecular Formula C16H26N2O2 • HCl

Formula Weight 314.9

Purity ≥98%

Formulation A crystalline solid

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