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EG-018 was previously an ingredient in some synthetic cannabis blends. EG-018 acts upon the cannabinoid receptors, and is a fairly potent agonist.
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What is EG-018?
Buy EG 018 Powder Online. EG-018 is a synthetic cannabinoid that acts as agonist for the CB1 and CB2 receptors. It have a high binding affinity but poor signaling efficacy. However, It does not directly produce the psychoactive effects which are produce by THC and CBD. Also, In comparison to THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, EG-018 is consider to be a relatively weak partial agonist. Of the CB1 receptor, and a weak partial agonist of the CB2 receptor. But the action of EG-018 does not result in the same psychoactive effect. Also, EG-018 never sells as a natural product. What is JWH 018 used for? What are the hazards of EG-018? Besides the fact that it does not produce the psychoactive effects that are produce by THC, EG-018 is not widely study and do not appear to have any known side effects.

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Product Name: EG-018
Appearance: Crystal and powder
Application: Research purposes
EG-018 includes a total atom count of 49, a relationship count of 52, a chain atom count of seven. Zero asymmetric atom count, a cyclomatic amount of four, and 6 rotatable bonds. It includes a weighty atom count of 26, and its topological polar surface area can be 222. It comprises only 1 covalently bond device.

EG-018’s feature 3D hydrophobe count is a single, seeing that is its feature 3D acceptor count. However, Its feature 3D band count is 4, and its own effective rotor count is certainly. 2f ketamine

Also, EG-018’s deriding energy is estimate at 102.12 kilocalories/mol. Its quantity can be 3.28 cubic Angstroms and its own minimal projection area is 53.29 square Angstroms, an optimum projection area of 118.12 square Angstroms.

EG -018 Legal Position:
However, EG-018 is a fresh and incompletely understood substance. And the very best of our understanding isn’t yet prohibite in nearly any nation or territory.

Furthermore, EG-018 is not ideal for human intake and is sold to research and forensic make use of in a laboratory environment.

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